Our dairy goat and gum sheep breeding farm, which started as a hobby in Izmir Seferihisar in 2001, continues its production today.


Kecheese goat milk processing facilities were established in 2006 by Türer A.Ş to increase its infrastructure and production capacity.


Türer Goat Milk Processing Facility, a subsidiary of Türer A.Ş, started production in May 2010 and reached a daily milk processing capacity of one hundred tons.


In order to develop the brand and combine the production line with technology, a renewal project is implemented in 2021 and production continues.



Kecheese is the brand of Türer A.Ş., one of the leading spice export companies in Turkey, which produces and exports aromatic plants to over 40 countries.
Kecheese Goat Milk Products are manufactured in Goat Milk Processing Facilities, the foundation of which was laid by Türer A.Ş in 2006, with ISO 22000 certificate in accordance with Food Codex and International standards.
The Dairy Goat and Gum Sheep Breeding Farm, which started as a hobby in 2001 in its hometown of Seferihisar, where the history of goat milk production and goat breeding goes back thousands of years, with the initiatives of Özer Türer, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Türer A.Ş. located in animal farms. In the exemplary small cattle farm, where the modern record keeping system accepted all over the world is kept, the goat’s milk is cooled as soon as it comes out of the udder of the animal, all health screenings of the dairy goats are carried out regularly by specialist veterinarians working in the farm, and all blood tests are performed; It is grown by keeping it free from all kinds of diseases, especially Brucella. Türer A.Ş, using its herbal experience in farm nutrition, mixes thyme and similar natural products into feed products, providing rich aroma, high fat and protein in goat milk.

Özer Türer, Chairman of the Board of Türer A.Ş, initiated the Sheep Goat Milk Cold Chain Project for the first time in Turkey in order to supply milk at EU standards to industrial establishments in the dairy sector, during his term as the chairman of the Izmir Provincial Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association.
Türer Goat Milk Processing Facility, which is a subsidiary of Türer A.Ş., started production in May 2010, and with its daily milk processing capacity of one hundred tons, it produces primarily ice cream, goat, sheep and cow cheese, and also carries out the necessary R & D studies for the production of local cheese varieties. continues.

No Preservatives

Kecheese brand products are produced from the milk of the goat farm of Türer A.Ş., by protecting the cold chain completely. Kecheese brand products do not contain additives and preservatives, and their salt content is at a very low level.

Continuous Audit

In order to make production in accordance with international standards, quality control analyzes of raw materials and products are routinely carried out, piece samples taken from each production are kept for two years.